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Direct Public Beer Sales
  (trade enquires please call 01962 771534)

All beer is supplied to order and must be collected from the brewery (we do not deliver).

While we try to maintain adequate beer stocks to satisfy demand, we will occasionally close our order book early due to unavailability of beer, or having received too many orders to rack it all off within the time available.   It is therefore best to place your beer order well in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you require beer for Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday we must have your order by Thursday morning, since these orders will be filled on Thursday/Friday from beer racked into firkins on Wednesday/Thursday and settled overnight.

Otherwise we can usually provide beer with 24 hours notice, but we would be very grateful if you can give us as much advance warning as possible..  

Beer is sold in mini-pins (10 litres, approx. 18 pints), poly-pins (20 litres, approx. 36 pints) and firkins (9 gallons = 72 pints).  The mini-pins and poly-pins are plastic bladders inside a cardboard box, while the firkin is a standard stainless steel cask as normally supplied to pubs (a tap is provided in the cost of a firkin).

Beer in mini-pins and poly-pins is usually supplied "bright", i.e. it does not require settling and can be used immediately.  Mini-pins and poly-pins can be supplied with sediment for those customers who prefer it (beer with sediment will continue to produce small amounts of carbon-dioxide and helps the beer to keep for longer periods).  In general, if you plan to drink the beer within a few days or are worried about settling it (24 hours), then it is best to order bright beer (which accounts for over 95% of our direct customer sales).  Firkins are usually supplied with sediment but can be racked "bright" for an additional £7.20 charge.

Beer Strength 10 litre box
approx. 18 pints
20 litre box
approx. 36 pints
Steel firkin
72 pints
Flowerpots Bitter 3.8% £33.50 £57.70 £96.80
Goodens Gold 4.8% £37.40 £65.50 £112.40
All prices include VAT at 20%.

A £60.00 deposit is required for each 36 pint steel pin or 72 pint steel firkin.

Please Email your order to orders@flowerpots-inn.co.uk or call us on 01962 771534.  You must include your phone number in your Email so that we can discuss and confirm your order in person.

Please note that there are no credit card facilities on the site (cash or cheque only).